Which Reward Tank is BEST in World of Tanks?

Choosing rewards in World of Tanks is tough; AE Phase I, Char Futur 4 and Object 777 II - which should you choose?
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Jonathan vallée

    Jonathan vallée

    20 napja

    gonna take obj 777 II because i don't have "prenium" heavy on russia

  2. Sean C

    Sean C

    28 napja

    i just want to say , i find the object 777 a pretty decent tank, the gun kind of sucks, but with new equipment it makes it okay-ish, if you can stay at medium range with the 777, it's really good, i block more then my hp every battle, the only thing that really gets frustrating is the gun missing a lot, but if you move up , you will start getting penned immediately

  3. e115x525


    29 napja

    You lied, theres one autoloader you can use a gun rammer on. You cant forget the Chi Ri!

  4. K1ROX



    Ngl i gotta go with the cyka blyatmobile

  5. Ethan Redfield

    Ethan Redfield


    frontlines is fun but steel hunter is such bullshit.

  6. Al Paczino

    Al Paczino


    Picked up Char Futur 4. One of the most fun tanks in the whole game! It's a damn sniper tank with an autoloader, mobility, size and camo gives you advantage to take fast a good position in the bushes and snipe the enemy with 1,4k m/s velocity rounds.

  7. Aaiz Ibrahim

    Aaiz Ibrahim


    lets be real. the real cockroach is the super cockroach in the British line.annoying af to deal with. got anti-heat on the turret. the top weak spot is hard to hit.has gun stats of a medium tank

  8. Vicarious Pasta

    Vicarious Pasta


    For anyone who cares, I use Vents in the boost slot, Bounty Coated Optics, and then Improved Aiming Class 1 (the one that makes the aim circle smaller) on my Char Futur 4.

  9. Mage653



    I picked the Obj 777 II its a really fun tank to play its worth it.

  10. Jackmaster Punk

    Jackmaster Punk


    I only got 11 tokens throughout the entire thing and was two levels off getting the 12th, now I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have any of them;(

  11. AGMF



    almost forgot: great video QB, very well elaborated!!!

  12. AGMF



    Poor CF4s against STB1? How about K-91? Mine has a 4,7 sec reload, that truely feels close to an autoloader

  13. Melangell ATC

    Melangell ATC


    AE Phase 1 is idiotic! With the 4 drive sprockets and associated running gear there would be no room in the hull for a turret basket. Oh well, it is WoT.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      VioletStatPedder -


      You should tell that to those who designed the tank, not to WG who is simply "copying" the design.

  14. Alexei Boris

    Alexei Boris


    Lol..QB just showed in first battle how not to play on Lakeville map..OMG, no wonder that the most of players go in to the valley and lose, first thing first, if you QB would back up little bit and let enemy push on the top of the valley, then your 3 tanks behind you wouldn't be so useless, and by camping in valley you actually let your team lose in city.. yes I know that farming dmg for your hull down tank is fun in valley but by tactics like that on this map you will lose 8 times of 10, have seen it too many times.. now I know why ppl plays this map like an idiots.. what you should do? As a top tier always win city, and if you decided go to the valley, then use your td's behind you, don't push too far, let enemy come to you.. but this showed exact scenario what I see in most games on lakeville map, and most of those end up to lose it..

  15. Jan Q

    Jan Q


    1st game... arty is cancer

  16. Zsolti Szemeredi

    Zsolti Szemeredi


    I see the mm is still a piece of s*it.Otherwise its a good video

  17. Yang Wen li

    Yang Wen li


    The lower upper plate is 120.7mm thick on the AE Phase 1 and decently but less angled than higher up, so it's ~230mm effective thickness, the lower plate is 171.5mm thick at a slight angle which gives you around 200mm effective armor head on. Funny enough, the M103's lower beak that used to be around 280mm effective was actually nerfed to around 240mm effective when it was "buffed".

  18. Slovenian wot geeker From slovenia

    Slovenian wot geeker From slovenia


    I choosed wrong :/

  19. escortmarius




  20. Mahmoud Ashraf

    Mahmoud Ashraf


    AE phase 1 QB that what I picked from grinding frontlines tokens because I love it maybe it's the best at tier 9 maybe conqueror is better but I love this tank and I have now 12 other tokens for another tank but what I am really asking now is it worth it to replace them (12 token worth I mean) with 3250 bond if isn't I will get char futur 4 please reply thank you note: i only have 2 tier 10 tanks to get bond and to play rank Grill 15 - T57 heavy (free to play account)

  21. Liberty or Death 1776

    Liberty or Death 1776


    I got the Char Futur after Frontlines, and I love it. It is a great tank. Run turbocharger, purple optics, purple vstab. 6 skill crew, food. I picked up the AE Phase 1 after Steel Hunter, and I love it. It also is a great tank. Run turbocharger, rammer, vstab. 4 skill crew, food. Love both tanks for different reasons.

  22. justfreddie



    i found that steel hunter or front line is a waste of time its clearly rigged to stop you from getting any reward tank and is just another world of tanks scam

  23. D R

    D R


    Ew....what a time vampire. Do grown men actually spend this much time playing a tank game?

  24. Alex Ivanov

    Alex Ivanov


    I truly hope the next season of steel hunter I get these 12 points and get my self my first tier nine tank

  25. xCr1mmortal



    Char Futur 4 is the best.

  26. Paramecium914



    Got all 3, like all 3

  27. PersonalityBeats



    Imagine having a health bar as a tank:this post is made by the war thunder gang

    • PersonalityBeats


      24 napja

      Just saying this is a joke not a thing where I want to upset people but the video is good though

    • devl1


      24 napja

      Ok but what does this have to do with the video?

    • Elias Mattila

      Elias Mattila


      @BadUploadScheduleツ *cries in british*

    • BadUploadScheduleツ



      Imagine balancing vehicles by absurd repair costs This post was made by wot gang

  28. Basher



    Will the tokens carry over to next year's event? Or do you have to spend it now?

  29. Ace levine Pasibi

    Ace levine Pasibi


    Ah I think Char Futur 4 is best

  30. Shorjok



    Really wish I could have picked the 777, but the AE is just too great and unique

  31. Jeremie Onken

    Jeremie Onken


    AE for four tracks

  32. Marlind



    I'm sad I couldn't grind enough because of university project ;(

  33. Lou Ferrao

    Lou Ferrao


    QB makes it interesting. More so than the actual WoTs game.

  34. Gertjan Kluvers

    Gertjan Kluvers


    I can only pick one...

  35. Maxc9 Black

    Maxc9 Black


    14:03 "And that's a big but(t)." - QB 2020

  36. Richard Holmes

    Richard Holmes


    So am i doing it wrong ....crew training .....a premium you should train all crews for all tanks in that tank ?? And then move them when at 100% ?? But do they not drop when you train them when you have moved them ???

    • VioletStatPedder -

      VioletStatPedder -


      No, premium can only train the same class (medium, heavy, etc.) per Nation.

  37. just some Alex

    just some Alex


    I am just an above average player that started WoT in the middle of 2020 after years of playing the mobile version. And I had 5.2K dmg game in char futur 4 just right when i got it.

  38. Mike Harner

    Mike Harner


    Me not bothering, because the grind isn't remotely worth it. Talk about a shit show.

  39. The Slimy Snail

    The Slimy Snail


    Love how he talks about main and free accounts when I have only one and both are better than mine.

  40. Tony Valdez

    Tony Valdez


    Easy OBj 777 Ver. 2 cause its very balanced:)

  41. red saaryn

    red saaryn


    None! All of them are crap! You can't get into clan wars, you can't do advances, you can't do money all they are good for is randoms and tournaments and even then there are far better options in the tech tree

  42. Noah Le Boutillier

    Noah Le Boutillier


    So because I have lorr40t, defender, is6, t34, patriot. Means I just shouldn’t choose one then?

  43. Don't panic It's organic

    Don't panic It's organic


    Bro, you look awesome with that beard 👍🔥

  44. ThePhantom



    There are 2 options the AE phase1 or the char futur.

  45. wot #1fan

    wot #1fan


    Everyone is picking the char over the 777 bc the 777 is AWFUL . As they sayd QB you cant polish a turd.

  46. wot #1fan

    wot #1fan


    Sry i dont respect a player who sits in the back of the map clicking. No he is not taking you on he is using his team to spot you and CONSTANTLY SHOOTING you while remaining safe from you in the back of the map . Punishing you for playing the game and not camping the redline. Darn arty is so annoying . So many friends and streamers have stopped playing wot bc of arty its a real shame . Need to limit it to one arty per team and then nerf there reload .

  47. wot #1fan

    wot #1fan


    Or get all 4 like i did yes all 4. The phase , char , 777 and emil 1951. Yup phase is best char is fun and 777 is awful. Emil is ok durpy gun.

  48. louis winterhoff

    louis winterhoff


    Char Futur 4 is definitely the best of those tanks

  49. bigbigmike



    Sorry to disagree with you QB, but I have to say, you underestimate the lower front plate of AE Phase 1. Once I was playing Leo with 105mm cannon, I met an AE Phase 1, I cannot pen his lower front twice, so I pressed 2 key and he bounced again. The 105 mm of Leo has more than 200 mm pen. I think most tier 7s and some of tier 8s don’t have that pen. And compare to another good hull down HT Conqueror, which only has 76 mm lower front plate, even tier 5 and 6 can pen this kind of armor, I think AE Phase 1’s lower front plate is okay, not poor.

  50. Stark Raven

    Stark Raven


    Which reward tank is best? None, as the modes that reward them are too frustrating to slog through.

  51. Jhony LG

    Jhony LG


    men i only have picked one tank this season and i did not have any of the 3... and i take the French bad boy!!!! Easy pic!!! for everithing you just said and my kove for the french autoloaders

  52. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Jarrett IceEarthGuard


    I got all three, and I like all three! They are all good tanks in my book! AE Phase I, Char Futur 4, then Object 777 II for me. (Order of when I got them, and order of which ones I like more surprisingly.)

  53. WelcomeApostate



    You went valley? Dumb

  54. Prokop Svoboda

    Prokop Svoboda


    good job video i love world of tanks

  55. Wlageg Wlagegowski

    Wlageg Wlagegowski


    The AE has the same gun as the T110E5, do you?

  56. Jakex Gold

    Jakex Gold


    A sick game designed by the mentally ill and dementia! Enemy tank can turned invisible after I have spotting it, but the tank still able to fire at my tank right after after it has turned invisible! the tank is right in front of my line of sight, the enemy tank couldn’t be seen until it’s been spotted by my team mate again - despite I could see all the trees and scenery around the invisible tank.

  57. Edson Kidwell

    Edson Kidwell


    Great video quicky I concur on lots of your analysis in the past it has helped more than you know but digressing I watch many of the C.C s on you tube Martin you claus bushka etc etc measy69 TANKS FOR ALL YOU DO GIGGLES WATCHING THE GAME love to ALL MY TANKER BUDDIES LET'S FIGHT SOON EDSON KIDWELL

  58. EAMFOS



    the enemy tank that i shoot from 3 meters and WG throws my shell 8 meters away...or i shoot that enemy tank in weak spot and it bounce....THATS THE BEST TANK....LOL WG...you so helping the premiums....ha ha ha ha...sad

  59. Hapnin Groove

    Hapnin Groove


    I looked up videos about the DW-2.. and found QB video in which he does not seem impressed with it's armor. It may be different on PC, but on xbox the highest number of kills I have had (10) is my DW-2. Armor blocked 1,129 in that game. Matilda & DW-2 are my "power through" tanks that can take the hits for tier 4.

  60. vanvan22



    Good info QB, thx man !!

  61. T Streb

    T Streb


    If I understand correctly, if you don't spend your tokens on any of the tanks, they will eventually be converted into bonds right? 250 per token I presume?

  62. blazereaper1



    AE Phase was good once, not now since there are all these heaviums in the game lol And the Concept is better because it's a heavium, with that speed and good viewrange it's clearly superior to any of the heavy reward tanks

  63. MaddRIP1



    steel hunter...bleuch

  64. Benji908



    Hey Qb, what do you prefer for a light tank, malinovka or proveofka Srry for bad spelling

  65. Robert Langley

    Robert Langley


    QuickyBaby, Welcome to Merica (USA)! Claus Kellerman said to give you his regards.

  66. eskimo lost

    eskimo lost


    Ae phase 1,char 4,then obj 777 in that order

  67. Romanian Land

    Romanian Land


    Kpz 50t is the best one :)))

  68. Janis Karklins

    Janis Karklins


    omg stop that bullshit talk about that arty, all he did was sit in the back and click, so much skill needed to do that...

  69. J P

    J P


    Something I think should be mentioned for the AE Phase 1 is that the gun handling is simply fantastic. I don't use any equipment to boost it and I still feel like it handles much better than other Tier 9 heavies that DO use equipment for gun handling. It also can theoretically achieve the fastest possible repair speed in the game thanks to its special large repair kit, which gives it a 15% boost to repair speed instead of the 10% the standard large repaid kit gives.

  70. ISeeTrees ofGreen

    ISeeTrees ofGreen


    I got the kpz 50t instead of any of these 3

  71. Nautilus_XD



    I really like to watch quickybaby vids, but I notice most of the tank battle quickybaby is top tier seal clubbing. Lol great detail on tanks and game play

  72. 2rawww



    I play to get slammed by arty

  73. Roy Byun

    Roy Byun


    I would chose char futur 4 in HK server. When there is too many spg and TDs + campers, this tank can use camouflage + vision to scout passively, snipe, and dominate later part of game with autoloader + speed.

  74. Greg & Nancy Spear

    Greg & Nancy Spear


    I have all 3

  75. 楊丞昱



    15:15 Obviously, you can't use a rammer on ant of the autoloaders in the game now. Says QB Laugh in Chi-ri

    • VioletStatPedder -

      VioletStatPedder -


      @楊丞昱 Oh right, didn't remember that one. Then there's AT-7 (not AT-2) which can mount an autoreloader and a rammer.

    • 楊丞昱



      @VioletStatPedder - Nah Skoda T 25 is a autoloader tank. It can also mounted a single shot gun but a rammer.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      VioletStatPedder -


      I think Chi-ri is an expetion because it can either have a singleshot or an autoloader. What abou AT-2?

  76. Jesse Collins

    Jesse Collins


    I got ae phase 1 cus it’s. Good tank and it’s attractive

  77. Diego Fernández Ruiz

    Diego Fernández Ruiz


    Doesn't the 777 have a troll side armor profile?

  78. niam nam

    niam nam


    Yes i have hated it and it was usuless FU this vidéo i am angry ! Thumbs down !

  79. Lone Wolf Outdoors

    Lone Wolf Outdoors


    Love your content for years now. Will there be a charitystream this year? And when will you play some more Valhalla?

  80. TheMomentChannel



    i picked the Char Futur 4 and its amazingggggg

  81. Razogoth



    I picked the AE Phase I and the Char Futur and didn't bother for the Object 777 II because it's just another soviet heavy. Out of the two I picked I would choose the AE. The Char just doesn't fit my playstyle and I didn't have an American heavy yet.

  82. thomas tzimas

    thomas tzimas


    70.000 FREE games and I have 50 premium tanks, ALL FOR FREE, I got the Char Futur this year and the next I will take the 777.... simple and effective

  83. Torsten B.

    Torsten B.


    Your Mouse movement during the Char Futur gameplay made me dizzy...

  84. emil posselt

    emil posselt


    Hidden statistic piece of shit game, have fun wasting your life on it...

  85. Povilas Skrodenis

    Povilas Skrodenis


    Dude please start stream in 4K its impossible to watch

  86. Eddie__75



    I have take the Char Futur 4, because I can not play heavy tanks, do to I am born with shaking hands.

  87. Dylan van der Velden

    Dylan van der Velden


    pick the one that sells for the most! most fun appears to be char futur, solely for autoloader purposes

  88. Pitti Zitongo

    Pitti Zitongo


    Hey qb can I ask you something. The heavy mission 15 for obj 260...... Is it possible in the fast meta and all the 4 min games. I stuck there 🙄 Some tips for me maybe

  89. Daniel Brownson

    Daniel Brownson


    Would be cooler if the Phase I having four tracks had some effect on its play/stats. Like really good hull traverse and ground resistances values, or better dispersion due to being a more stable gun platform or whatever.




    AE Phase 1: Configuration - Turbo - Optics and replace Coke with Oil

  91. ZXomegaXAN



    But what do I do if I missed one token

  92. Itz_ShadoW



    Omg first english player that calling škoda "škoda" and no "skoda"

  93. Icebear2012



    Easy. None. Zero token. Zero interest to steel hunter. Got too many premiums already anyway. Gz anyone who got one of them anyway. Specially if you are free player. Good for you.

  94. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Bill_nye_the_russianspy _


    AE phase and The 777v2 were my 2 picks since I missed the AE last Frontline. The steel hunter grind was horrible for me but I managed it

  95. kevin97564



    Vote for Char Futur

  96. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Balc0ra's Gaming


    11:15 If he was in an IKV 90 B holding you back all game. Then sure, massive respect all round for the brass balls. But arty for clicking on the +2 all game from the safety of the base? Really? I mean he had the stock gun. If he had the big one, I suspect your valley adventure would have ended differently.

  97. Muhammad khairi

    Muhammad khairi


    "It's tO prEVEnt cAMPing" - wargaming

  98. James Stephen

    James Stephen


    I really have to say QB...I used to love watching your live streams when I was a sub 300 wn8 player...But then as my recent rose above 800 your opinions on tanks confused me and made my gameplay harder...but now I'm avg'ing over 1400=1800 recent now...and I'm back to enjoying these opinion based video's!! I can sit there and say yep, yep, yep, and use my experience with your opinion...in my opinion...the AE Phase 1 and Char are the best!! The 777 is very very easy to kill!! I have all 3....I love my Char!!

  99. maks



    please use premium fire extinguisher, its crucial and even poor players use them

  100. Tasos1 Tassou

    Tasos1 Tassou


    in a little while only the rollers and the Bots will be playing by their own